What are graduates saying about the Teacher Training?

Some of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training graduates talk about their experience…

“The teacher training with Utah Prenatal Yoga was above and beyond what I expected. The training was a good balance between hands on teaching/learning and classroom (type) learning. It was an artfully constructed training into the world of yoga and motherhood for anyone, mother or not. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone.”
Ashley Detrick RYT-200, RPYT

“I absolutely loved the prenatal yoga teacher training!! I am a practicing midwife here in Utah and I wanted some more information on how yoga could specifically be helpful for my pregnant mama clients. I learned much more than I was expecting and feel so much more confidence in truly helping these women have a stronger, healthier and more joyful pregnancy, birth and recovery!! I especially love how Alicia helped us to bring the focus on to WHY we practice the way that we do, what is best practice and how to incorporate heart language and theming into our unique teaching styles!”
Hannah Dunford, LDEM, CPM

“I would 100% recommend the Utah Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve been teaching yoga for 10+ years and walked away with so much understanding and insight into the world of prenatal yoga. Practicing yoga is invaluable during pregnancy and I feel so lucky to be able to share what I have learned with my yoga students!”
Gygi Koster, RYT-200, RPYT

Why you should register for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Colie Belieu, RYT-200, RPYT tells us why she thinks the Utah Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program is a good idea!

“I had the fundamental yoga teaching materials from my initial 200 hour Teacher Training and had been teaching for three years when I signed up for the Utah Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. I had built confidence and experience through my teaching, however the training gave me the tools to improve my teaching 150%. Alicia is a phenomenal teacher who is highly educated in the skills and techniques of teaching, specifically with the prenatal students, which she passes on to future teachers in her training with grace and eloquence. The training reinforces the fundamentals taught in a 200 Teacher Training, as well as equips you with building blocks to further grow your teaching and your business as a teacher. I now feel confident and comfortable teaching my prenatal mamas with classes themed and designed specifically for the prenatal body. If you have an interest in becoming educated in prenatal specific teaching as well as furthering your knowledge, skills and education as a Yoga Teacher, you will want to take this training.”

Colie completed her training and practicum for the RPYT designation in 2016 and is currently offering prenatal yoga classes in Park City, Utah. You can check out her offerings at barenecessitiesyoga.com

FAQ’s for Prenatal Yoga Class

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions when mamas are looking for a prenatal yoga class…

Do I need to bring my own mat/props?

We provide mats, blocks and other props. If you have your own and would like to bring them you can.

Do I need to pre-register for class?
Prenatal Yoga classes fill up quickly and pre-registration is suggested to hold your space. You can register for classes online here through Mindbody. If you need to cancel a reservation just be sure to sign yourself out at least 24 hours in advance so we can offer the spot to another mama.

Where is the class held?
Prenatal Yoga classes are held in the studio space at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage 4578 S. Highland Drive #100.

I’ve never done yoga before, will I be able to keep up?
Yes! The class is designed so that it is appropriate for all levels of fitness/experience as well as all 3 trimesters of pregnancy. If you have any concerns about your specific needs contact Alicia and we can chat about it.

Will yoga help my back pain/sciatica/round ligament pain?
Yes! A Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher has been trained for this and has experience working with specific conditions related to pregnancy. Be sure to let your instructor know about your needs so that you can get the most out of your practice.

I have high blood pressure/diastasis recti/pelvic floor weakness, can I still participate?
It is always best to consult your care provider about any health issues you are having. Alicia has extensive experience working with these conditions and can skillfully and effectively assist you with your individual situation. Consider arranging a one-on-one practice to go over the basics of how to practice yoga safely if you are experiencing any of these conditions.

More about diastasis recti here

Mom, is this a yoga thing?

My kids have seen me do yoga. A lot. Everywhere. Mostly they paid no attention to it. But there came a day when they started showing some interest in what I was doing. They asked about it, they tried out the poses, they got bored and wandered off to the next thing. One day my youngest son struck the most outrageous pose- something in between down dog and scorpion- and asked me “Mom! is this a yoga thing?” and so it began….

I love the times I can get a photo of them doing “yoga things” but mostly I love that they have seen and participated in something that means so much to me. I hope they keep up with the yoga things, and if they don’t at least I’ve got a few great photos of how we were in these sweet and youthful days.


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