The Mothers Circle… it’s for YOU

Becoming a mother is a transformative and life-changing event. This six week series is offered so that you can connect with your journey through birth and motherhood with the four quadrants of human experience: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.

Sarah Caldwell is a therapist with the Healing Group and she will be guiding the group through the 4D Wheel, based on the work of Gina Odgen which uses the native american medicine wheel as the foundation for healing and processing difficult experiences. I’ll be leading the movement portion of the sessions- yoga, breathwork, meditation and sound healing.

This isn’t just for those of us that had a rough BIRTH experience, it’s for anyone that has been pregnant, given birth and stepped into the role of MOTHER. There is far more to the experience than just the few days around the birth! Any part of this journey can be challenging and maybe those struggles are still sticking with you. This series is designed to help women move through the emotions and feelings that come during the birth years in a supportive, nurturing and compassionate way.

Does any of this describe your experience?
A high-risk pregnancy
Pregnancy after loss(es)
Body image concerns
Unexpected birth outcomes
Painful birth experiences
Birth injury
Postpartum depression or anxiety
Long-term physical recovery
Nursing struggles
Family/relationship issues
Career challenges
Feelings of resentment, loss, fear or anger about the changes that come along with bringing home a new baby and taking on a new role…

We get it. Really- we’ve been there too. Which is why we’re offering this opportunity for women to join together and release what’s been building up. It’s ok if things were hard. It’s ok if you’re still upset about it. It’s ok to move through it and find peace and joy once again.

Space is limited to 6 participants in order to create a safe and caring environment. Don’t worry- everyone else is going to cry too! Come with all you’ve got, we’ll work the wheel and surround you with love.

Registration is now open for the next session beginning March 16th on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm. Contact Alicia for more information.

Little Tot Landing visits Mommy and Me class

Check out the latest blog from Little Tot Landing to get a mamas perspective on the postnatal/mommy and me class as well as a postnatal yoga Q & A with Utah Prenatal Yoga. This lovely ray of sunshine and her darling babes have been so much fun to have in class! It’s one of the things I love most about teaching: meeting amazing women and the angels they bring earthside.

Mom, is this a yoga thing?

My kids have seen me do yoga. A lot. Everywhere. Mostly they paid no attention to it. But there came a day when they started showing some interest in what I was doing. They asked about it, they tried out the poses, they got bored and wandered off to the next thing. One day my youngest son struck the most outrageous pose- something in between down dog and scorpion- and asked me “Mom! is this a yoga thing?” and so it began….

I love the times I can get a photo of them doing “yoga things” but mostly I love that they have seen and participated in something that means so much to me. I hope they keep up with the yoga things, and if they don’t at least I’ve got a few great photos of how we were in these sweet and youthful days.


Do your little ones do yoga things? Follow Utah Prenatal Yoga on Instagram and use #momisthisayogathing? when you share the photos you are able to capture